Connect Directly to the Options Market with DMA

Connect Directly to the Options Market with DMA


With in your team, you can power up your trading by connecting directly to the Options Market – trade equity options, indices and currencies via our cutting-edge trading platform.

Why Options?

Options is a form of derivative trading, which gives you the chance to speculate on the future price of a variety of assets, but with one major benefit over Futures trading - you can close your position at any time.

You can place a PUT option where you believe the price of the asset will fall to below the strike price by a pre-set time. Or you can place a CALL option when you think the price of the asset will rise by a certain expiry.

With Options trading at you will have the chance to purchase the underlying asset or simply to place a trade based on the price movement, without actually owning the asset.

Options are:

  • Often considered less risky than equities and
  • Are less costly than buying stocks
  • With the opportunity to bring high returns
  • And a wide selection of strategies


The fee schedule here at is highly competitive and you will know exactly how much you will stand to pay before you place a trade, allowing you to factor any costs into your Options strategies.

Discuss any queries and trading problems with your dedicated account manager, available 24 hours a day while you trade.