Get Access to Fixed Income Products with DMA

Get Access to Fixed Income Products with DMA

Fixed Income is proud to offer explicit access to the Fixed Income market from one single account and all from the same platform, with some of the narrowest spreads around.

Why Fixed Income?

When you invest in Fixed Income, you can generate steady returns, as these securities pay regular interest payments to the holder. Plus, as the bond matures, you can get back the principal you laid down on top of the capital appreciation.


Take advantage of narrow spreads and a wide selection of both Government and Corporate Bonds with direct market access to over:

  • 38,000 US, Canadian and European corporate bonds
  • 1.4 million US Municipal bonds
  • Over 1900 non US Sovereign Bonds in Asia and Europe
  • Fixed income futures and options
  • Over 30,000 CD’s

See both bid and offer quotes for US corporate bonds and see a comparison table of comparable bonds for each bond order to ensure fair pricing. Bond orders are SmartRouted to multiple bond market centres including:

  • Bloomberg ALLQ
  • Euronext
  • Tradeweb Direct
  • ICE BondPoint
  • ICE MuniCenter
  • NYSE Bonds

See low fixed income commisions. gives you access to the world of electronically traded bonds, with technology to enhance your trading experience.